So, You Had Sex With Your Father While Freaky Fridaying With Your Mother?

Tom Rainey

So, I hear you body switched with your mom and had sex with your dad?

Listen, we've all been there.

I have to be honest though, this is the first time I've seen this happen to someone in their thirties.
Also, why you chose to say the Freaky Friday spell on your parents' wedding anniversary is beyond me, but hey, let's move past that. The trick to avoiding psychological damages that accompany any body switch is to focus on the good that came from the day.

While your father was gently nibbling on your ear, assuming it was his wife of 37 years, your mother was busy making a funny joke in front of your company's new CEO - major career points for you! Although you now know what your father's assertive, yet loving, advances feel like, your new CEO thinks you're the witty one in the office. Go mom!

As your father whispered in your ear, "I love the way you taste" moments before going down on you, mom helped your trivia team take home 2nd place by remembering that David Robinson was the 1994 NBA MVP -phew, close call! You may not have remembered that one. This day just keeps getting better!

As you and your father collapsed on the mattress upon simultaneously reaching climax, mom talked to your girlfriend about how important communication is when getting ready to take the next step in a relationship. Although your back now bares the scratch marks of your father's experienced hands, mom definitely moved your relationship with Stacy in the right direction! You should be truly grateful this body-switch thing happened.

While your father spooned your warm, sweat-soaked naked body, your mother reflected on how much better she understood you as a person. As your father's bare, limp penis rested between your exposed, vulnerable thighs, your mother cried tears of gratitude for this wonderful experience. What's better than seeing your mother happy? It looks like the Freaky Friday spell worked yet again!

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