Aging Transformation Scenes

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2 Be Young Again... A site about girls outgrowing their clothes, ageshifters, and every other male and female age transformation - mail/board

- (AR video links) - My YouTube playlist with everything AR-related - (Maintoygamer/Diego O.)

short toons
- (male toon AR AA poof) "Mario's Tunnel Of Doom" 2023/05.
OOOoooOOOOoo very scaryyy. There's a quick AR Gag around 5 mins, where Luigi gets spooked into his baby form... he reverts around the 6 minute mark.
- Episode link - caps - (Gavin)

Messengers, The
- (AA TF, old/young adults) The Messengers - S1Ep7 "Deus Ex Machina" 2015/05/29, The CW.
"You're not my mother". Koa Lin (Jessika Van) joined the team to regain lost money. Her Gift is shapeshifting, but she loses her own memories. Koa set off to find the hacker only to end up his captive. The attempt to heal Koa nearly costs Erin her life due to her healing powers.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Transformation Channel)
- adult AA TG link - adult AA TG link

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Ms-Viral
- (dedicated AA stages, WG to OA angeloid) "Living in haven- I mean Heaven~" - link - 2023/05 all:
- (dedicated AA stages, chibi to MILF) "The Karening" - link
- (dedicated AA stages, chars. age swap) "Cutie swap!" - link - (NightElf37)

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (fan art)
- (dedicated TF AP) - Deviant Artist: Tetokasane-04 "Purah's AgeProgression" 2023/05.
That is what really happened :D ... I kinda like her new look - Full fan art link - blocked mirror - (Nightelf 37)

short toons
Teen-Z: Pinky-Z
- (furry teen/preteen demons mind exchange) "ADOPTED BY PRINCIPAL! Crazy Mom & Dad Swap" c2022.
Older and younger sister swap bodies - link - - caps

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Fokk3rs
- (dedicated AA TG TF) "Johnny Test to Black Canary" 2023/05 crossover - link - (Nightelf 37)

fetish comics
Deviant ARtists:
- (dedicated TF ARs) - links
- (dedicated TF ARs) many manga style AR pix links

UFO Princess Valkyrie
- (AR, rejuv) S2Ep6 "Mehm Night Flight" 2003.
Older woman into teen in the bath house, teens into kids, teen into baby (all offscreen), shoujo henshin into teen heroine (only one onscreen). The shame of being caught indisposed is almost unendurable.
- Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

short films
Steve and Maggie
- (male AR AA, RN poofs) "Baby Food | Baby Steve and Maggie" 2016/11.
Wow English TV, educational. Let's learn some new vocabulary (English words). Steve and Maggie are cleaning house but find many interesting verbs such as play, touch, smell, taste. Man into baby and back several times.
- Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

Lil Celebs
- (FB "ARed" AA) 2023 AI art - She's "getting younger" fast - Britney backwards.

- (boy AP?) - Tetsuwan Atom - AKA "Astro Boy" Ep5? "Atom Tai Atlas 2: Atlas Fukkatsu" - "Atom vs. Atlas 2: The Resurrection of Atlas"? 1980/10/29? - Astro's 2nd encounter with Atlas. He stops a scheme of enslaving humanity by technological thefts, which involves the proposed robotic mother and father for Astro? - alt? link - blocked link? - (Akira)

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Katanakaji no Sato-hen
- (man AR? demon entity?) 2023 film. Character info only - link - link - link - link - link - (Akira)

- (AA appearance TFs, age forms) S1Ep13 "Killshot Pt. 2" 2020/01/28.
10 y.o. Piper (Alexa Swinton) has unique powers. As a gynoid AI, she was part of a project placing artificial children with families. Piper's evolution is extremely dangerous but she still wants to be loved and wanted. Piper confronts Helen (Rowena King), who uses the source to upgrade. Piper sacrifices herself to contain it. Alex suggests using the disk on Helen and it works; she returns as Piper.
- Scene link - screencaps - (TF Channel)

Initiation of Sarah
- (OA'd form, adult rejuvenation morphs) - screencaps - screencaps - screencaps

short toons
My Magic Pet Morphle
- (AA TFed) "Mila the Teddy Bear" c2022, Morphle TV. Girl into teddy bear, in another episode into AA giantess - link -
- (AR AA) "Mila the Baby". 3D remake of the cartoon. Professor Paula has invented a youth serum! Penguin into baby penguin, girl into baby. Now Morphle has to use morphs to look after baby Mila - Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

I'm a Virgo
- (male FF, size increase, "UCed" glimpses, CoA) Prime Video, 2023. Cootie is a 13 foot tall, 19 y.o. Black man who was secretly raised by his Aunt and Uncle in Oakland. He is accidentally discovered by a group of teenage political activists - Trailer link

Delicious Party Pretty Cure
- (furry AA TF APed) 19th installment, 2022-23 - Ep27 screencaps

Knight Squad
- (male AA OA flash) S1Ep11 "Working On The Knight Moves" - Fizzwick uses a pocket watch to alter his age. At first he obtained a mustache, but later was AA'd into an old man - - - screencaps - (TF Dimension)

Final Space
- (alien TF AA age forms, FB, AA teen upgrade) - multiple episodes screencaps - (Tazz)

Ms Victory
- (adult femuscle power restoration upgrade) Femforce comics. Dr. Joan Wayne regains her former adult strength and much more.
Deviant Artist: Mercblue22 Fan Art link

short comics
Tum Natakorn Ulit
- (FF to OA) Thai manga shorts similar to Yang Young-soon.
Insert Coin? Boy FFed to man, husband & wife to old couple while he played the Game of Life - Comic strip - strip - (Jeff 2bya)

- (AA fantasy curse TF appearances) by Brandon Sanderson, 2009.
Cosmere novel of two sister princesses. Azure first appears as 22 y.o. Vivenna, betrothed to the God King of enemy nation Hallandren. By stoking a fragment of divine Breath inside her, she could start glowing like a Returned, and change her age appearance, height (within reason), and body shape (to an extent). This takes practice.

Beau Is Afraid
- (male adult dream FFed appearance) Surrealist horror film, Ari Aster, 2023.
Beau escapes into a forest with Jeeves in murderous pursuit. Finding sanctuary with a troupe of actors, he is pitched into a parallel animated narrative, where Beau became an aging family man.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol
- (male ARed AA poof) - caps

Simpsons, The
- (male age "disguised" kinda like ARed) S34Ep03 "Lisa the Boy Scout" 2022/10/09.
They show banned scenes that were never aired as it would ruin the series. It turns out that Bart's nerdy classmate Martin is actually a grizzled 36 y.o. father of three, with an aging disorder that leaves him looking 10!

Smurfs, The
- (male & anthros ARed AA) "Fountain of smurf".
Deer into fawn, Papa Smurf into kid, Gargamel, his cat, and an ogre into kids.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (adult "age stasis" appearance gags) Hot librarian actress Morning Randolph is actually MUCH older than she looks. In part this is because of good genes, but there was also extensive plastic surgery involved. She even has to pretend her adult daughter is her sister. Conversely, the boy actors in the show "Pucks!" are actually married family men.

Hercules: The Animated Series
- (AR) Pain and Panic try to kill Hercules again with water from a spring that reverses aging. They accidentally splash not only Hercules, but also Icarus, Adonis, Pegasus, and Pain himself. Panic and Cassandra have to watch the infants until they can find a cure.

- (male adult appearances, maturation wish) "Swap Meat" - Young man wishes he was more conventionally masculine looking - caps

short films
- (FF cutaway looks like AP scene) - Time Machine Gag c2022 shorts:
- tree cutaway "AP" link - fake AP link - on growing taller: rise-up link - FF AA baby stages link

aftermath scenes
- (dedicated slight BE "APed") 2023. They are getting older by the second, and will not stop - AI art

youth elixirs or potions
- (mostly male adult stasis and rejuvenation) The earliest texts are commentaries on the I Ching, the Book of Changes. Such concoctions were big in China, though some emperors were poisoned instead (see Joseph Needham list).
- Ge Hong (AKA "Ko Hung") made a list of recipes in 300 CE, including divine cinnabar and liquefied gold. Unfortunately he couldn't afford all the required ingredients to complete the necessary steps himself. 300 yrs later there was a more detailed list, with over a thousand named compounds.

- (FBed or pseudo "ARed" characters) - "Friends" AI babies - Star Trek AI babies - Harry Potter AI babies
- (adults aging) - unflattering bikini celebs - Sagging cheeks in 30s - (123anon987) - Christina Aguilera re-creates "Dirty" look 20 years later - (Kappa)
- (adult age appearance legends) - WG glitch - AA shirt glitch

Star vs. the Forces of Evil
- (male FF, RN ARed) S02Ep31 "Running With Scissors" 2017/02/09.
After getting stranded in an alternate dimension for years, wimpy Marco Diaz became an incredibly muscular suave action hero. However, he was reverted back at the end - - caps

age progress
- (simulated FF BE comparisons) "teen boobs don't stop growing" Grow-up parody project, 2023.
A lot can change in a few years. AI art & pic edits poke fun at wanting to grow up fast - Then & Now stages - (Lattenjup)

- years - years

Sword Watchers, The
- (AA fantasy story, heroine battle form upgrade, RN ARed AA) by James Tonks, 2001.
The Sword Watchers - In a mystical land of fantasy, powerful magic is embedded in a jewel set in the hilt of a legendary sword. There is an AA TF battle form age-up at the start of Chapter 9, a forced RN AA at the end of Chapter 13, and two sketches of the preteen protagonists before & after.
- - page scans - (Prof Malicious)

Krypto the Superdog
- (furry AR & RN) S01Ep38 "Puppy Problems" 2005/04/29.
Episode link - screencaps - (Adam)

- (male adult rejuvenated) S09Ep10 "Of Solitude and Self" 2023/04/22.
Vol 9 Finale. The Blacksmith gives Alyx's dagger to Jaune, who is reverted back to his younger adult appearance, yet retains all his memories and some white hair streaks. Long story short, he was sent back in time earlier, thus had become older when the rest of the cast caught up - but was reset to his original self in the end. He even comments on his voice changing.
- Pay link - screencaps - (Gavin)

La derniere vie de Simon
- (male TFs, OA/adult, one AP UC glimpse) AKA "Simon's Got A gift", French, 2019.
Simon is a unique orphan with the power to copy someone's exact appearance and condition. At the start he snuck out and turned into an adult man. Longing for kinship, he befriends a boy with a perfect family, hoping to be part of them. But it gets very complicated.
- Spoilers link - screencaps

UFO Princess Valkyrie
- (AR) S1Ep1. Teen girl to kid (offscreen 02:55, explained 07:30 - she can temp. turn back, mahou shoujo style) another teen girl into kid @18:45 - Scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Winx Club
- (AR AA) "Baby Winx" 2015/09/30. Alternate link - bigger caps - (Adam)

Suske en Wiske
- (adults rejuvenated, FFed) "De ongelooflijke Thomas", 2001.
Our friends flash to the distant future year of 2020, and discover the regular cast has all become elderly. We also see their future selves as overworked parents. An old man is restored to the full vigor of adult youth, but the children whose energy was stolen became listless and apathetic. It will take them almost a year to make a partial recovery. This timeline was erased.
- (Louise)

Granblue Fantasy
- (ARed cut) Turn-based social-network gacha JRPG, Cygames, 2014.
Fate Episode - Mysteries of Mysteria. A strange tunnel is discovered under the campus. A magical trap turns Anne into a child, stripping her powers. Shoujo into kid @04:00.
- Scenes link - - caps - (Tazz)

body elongation
- (adult height increase, RN) article in "Light" (1902/05/10, p. 223), John E. Purdon:
"On one occasion in my quarters at the Sandown Hospital, Isle of Wight, I held the feet of Miss Florence Cook firmly against the floor, and can certify that there was no lifting of the heels, either with or without her boots, and that there was such an elongation that my brother-in-law, the late assistant-surgeon, Mark A. Kilroy, whose hands were on her shoulders, cried out 'She is dragging me up to the ceiling.' As he was over 5'9" in height there could have been no posturing that would account for his experience. Further, I most distinctly remember Miss Cook coming back with a jerk to her normal stature. My wife, who was present and heard her brother make the above remark, fully endorses my statement."

fetish stories
- (dedicated AR) 2023/04 - Purchase link
- (male AR) - Dinner and drinks turned into waking up in a crib. He'll need to find an escape before his mind regresses to match his body.
- (female mental AR) - Sequel to Tatas. Valerie tries to escape her fate as the girl with the biggest boobs at Ngatea's special school.
- (male mental AR) - He only went to the church to donate his daughter's old toys. Now he must escape the mothering woman at the playgroup.
- (TG/AR tales) - Things can swing both ways in the 'Blowing Rock' universe:
A Blowing Rock man refuses to regress his feminist wife. Perhaps he will be more agreeable as her baby sister?
When a young man tries to warn the single woman next door what's about to happen to her, he might just end up as her little sister.
Cassie doesn't want to be her best friend's Mommy, but in Blowing Rock she'll either change diapers or wear them.

Pepper Ann
- (dream ARed) Preteen into toddler offscreen (really not, it's just a gag).
Scene link - - caps - (Tazz)

Smurfs, The (2021 CGI series)
- (anthros ARed) S01Ep28 "Smurfy Day Care" 2021/10/24.
Storm finds the whole Smurf Village has transformed into babies offscreen! Can she become the super smurfsitter needed to take care of the tiny creatures? And how will they change back?
- Scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Dasi, Bom
- (aging/time reversal) Spring, Again Smile Entertainment, S.Korea, 2019.
After her daughter is murdered, the support group chose to kill themselves together. Instead, she discovers time is now moving backwards. Eventually it becomes the day before her daughter died. Only the diary remains unchanged with clues. Several years later her daughter becomes unborn, and then unconceived. She tries to figure out how to restore the normal flow of time, so her daughter can be born again.
- Recap spoilers link - - Full Movie (sadly not dubbed or subbed) link - - (Tazz)

short films
Fonte da juventude vazou nas redes sociais
- (male ARed OC) Young man to young boy, 2022.
Video link - - caps - (Entropic, Mundo de Aventura)

short comics
Fountain of Youth, The (theme)
- (rejuv wishes) 1-panel gags

Bayonetta 3
- (ARed AA poof) 2022/10.
Ch1: defeat Congestus Homunculi "controlling Time & Space". Level boss flashes main character into a teen. You then use the same magic for spells.
- Scene link - - caps - (Tazz)

toons or music videos
Cattanooga Cats, The
- (furry FB "ARed") HB cartoon about a cat rock band.
Soundtrack album: Side2 Track5 "My Birthday Suit" 1969, by Hatcher, 01:40.
- Early bubblegum pop, cartoon music video featuring the Cattanooga Cats. It's oh so wrong on so many levels... The titular characters briefly shown as babies could be considered AR, but the catgirl is shown progressively older.
- Video link - - caps - (Tazz)

Los Serrano
- (male "FB" looks like mental FB) Spanish sitcom about a family, Telecinco, 2003-2008.
S8Ep7 "Desmontando a Diego" 2008/07/17. Series finale.
The wife has died, two children were involved in incest, and the other ended up in juvie. The father went to end his life, but he woke as if nothing happened. The whole 8 seasons were just a dream! So the final episode is the guy starting the series again to a normal family. Which was extremely weird because his sons and Lucia's daughters had obviously grown, but were put in "kids"-style AA clothing and hairstyles and they also acted like kids. To this day it is still referenced in Spain as a meme.

- (TF videos) - The Transformation Channel

fetish comics
girls grow faster (meme)
- (dedicated FF APed stages) Scrawny student "nerd" has a sudden growth spurt - TF scene - (Flygon)

Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind
- (male adult rejuvenated) 2022 film.
Shang Tsung absorbs enough souls to become a mighty young man again - Scene link - - caps - (Tazz)

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
- (TF CBed glimpses) - art - Scenes vid link

Smurfs, The
- (anthros ARed, male adult OA) "Smurf Van Winkle".
The Smurfs pretended to have become elderly in order to fool Lazy to get him to do work for them. Then they were actually turned into baby Smurfs.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

SpongeBob's Truth or Square
- (male adult anthro OA) Xbox, 2009/10.
In the video game if you're idle (do nothing) for long enough, Spongebob will begin to age - Scenes link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (furry/animals ARed aftermath) "Baby Shenanigans" - Augie and her friends turn back the clock to make the adults kids again, but ended up turning them into babies - aftermath scene link - - caps - (Tazz)

My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale
- (furry AR) S01Ep15 "Making a Foal of Me" 2022/06/23.
Ponies into toddlers and back (all offscreen) - link - - (Tazz)

fetish comics
Pixiv Artist: Morose
- (dedicated schoolgirl FF/AP UC) c2022 - AKA: Deviant Artist: Iizokore - sketch art

- (AA FF) - AI art - (AA FF) - Taylor Swift AI art
- (dedicated demon growth "UCed") - Elf Outgrew Her Clothes...?! story - (male UCed) - try on old clothes
- (slight FF) - vintage photos

short films
Content Machine
- (adult FF OAs & flashbacks) "Objecting at your own wedding" 2022.
Short video link - caps - (Kappa)

Star Trek: the animated series
- (male FB) S1Ep2 "Yesteryear" 1973/09/15.
Spock must travel back in time to his childhood, and keep his younger self from dying and being replaced by an Andorian.
- (AR) S2Ep6 "The Counter-Clock Incident" 1974/10/12.
Both ships are pulled into a negative universe where time flows backwards, so everyone begins to grow younger into children. Karla Five seeks the help of her son, a much older man named Karl Four. April (now only 30) retakes command to bring the Enterprise to safety before it's too late. He and his wife Sarah then use the transporter to restore themselves and the crew back to their proper ages - Clip link

- (face FBs) - then/now art

Atomic Betty
- (dedicated TF "APed") - fan art

Jumanji the Animated series
- (APed glimpse) - caps

ghost girls
- (age stasis) - caps

Rising Curves
- (dedicated AP UC/CB only) 2001 to 2011-'12-'13 - series A - before/after puberty photo edits

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: AlwaysOlder
- (dedicated FtF or TG pseudo AA AP) Comic panel TF stages, c2020.
Case reports of the TGAgency. Individualized plans are crafted for each client requesting reality alteration services, who are often undisciplined young boys or their guardians. This involves forced physical growth,collective memory erasures, lifestyle changes and status increase. Clothing changes in dramatic ways. Their old lives fade like the mist, as new urges take hold over their bodies.
- TF AP link - TG AP link - TG AP link - preview 1 - (NightElf37)

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, The
- (accelerated growth) Born out of the fiery passion of their union, it's immediately clear that Renesmee is destined to be an extremely powerful and special child, I cannot stress her importance enough - caps

short films or toons
Papa Joel's English
- (male ARed AA) "Oh no! Papa Joel turned into a BABY!" 2022.
Mixed animation/live action for kids. Joel plays with magic and accidentally turns himself into a BABY then into a giant baby, then normal size, then back to adult, then baby again! Can Hannah and Herman turn him back before it's too late?
- Episode link @00:30 - - caps - (Tazz)

- web comics rejuvenation art

short comics
- male mahou AR art

Nureru to Ookiku Naru Onna no Ko
- (size and age forms change) "The girl who grows larger when she gets wet".
Doujinshi by Hamita, c2022. She always wears an oversized raincoat designed to fit at all ages. Extreme desiccation causes reversal into a baby or even fetus-like state. Hopefully it gets serialized - Transl. manga link - (Boi)

fetish comics
Deviant artist: TheGXJudgement
- (dedicated demon TF) 2023 - "Bounty of the Lost Woods" elf potion CB link - AA link - (NightElf37)

Mini Beat Power Rockers
- (AA age poofs, AR & age-up) "La hermana menor" The younger sister, Argentina 2017-21.
CGI series. Teen girl into baby, another baby into teen - link @01:10 - caps
- (teen/baby mind swap) S3Ep8 "La paradoja del ukelele".
Magical ukulele causes Wat & Dolores to trade bodies at the beach - link @01:20 - - (Tazz)

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun
- (male ARed AA) S3Ep7 "Clara's Toy Box" 2022/11/19.
"Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun". 14 y.o. Iruma Suzuki was sold to a demon. He gets sucked into Clara's kigurumi toy-box pocket dimension, a strange and fantastical world where they can play. Iruma was turned into a physical/mental boy, and ends up having a lot of fun - caps - (Tazz)

Code Breaker
- (adult young/middle age disguises, looks like rejuv) PlayStation cheat disk by Pelican Accessories - magazine ad pages

Rick and Morty
- (avian AP) S6Ep4 "Night Family" 2022/09/25.
In a quick gag we see Rick's alarm clock laying an egg that births into a chicken. Age-up to adulthood to cock-a-doodle-doo, then age to death with a likely repeat the next day.
- (male AR) S6Ep5 "Final DeSmithation" 2022/10/02.
In an epic battle, Rick poofs an armed mercenary at the fortune cookie factory back into a baby. Other soldiers' fortunes poof them into random things... bird, car, banana, giant head, a robot t-rex (likely ref to the Transformer Grimlock), and a computer.
- (male adult OA) S6Ep7 "Full Meta Jackrick" 2022/11/20.
Jesus ages to death.
- (Tazz)

fetish films
schoolgirl tropes
- (unintentional UC glimpses) Young adult "schoolgirls" in adult films may sometimes wear "real" school uniforms that may sometimes accidentally be a bit snug, though this aspect is always hidden. But if you wanted, you could almost imagine they had a "growth spurt" - Porn caps - Porn caps

short toons
AumSum - What If
- (ARed effects) "What if our Body became Baby-like?" 2022.
If adults became baby-like, real babies may start hiding their toys from us, marathon runners may give up, getting stuff from upper shelves will become almost impossible, we may start crying like babies, thieves may now get caught very easily, and superheroes may not be able to fight villains anymore.
- Cartoon link - - (Tazz)

Goosebumps: The Game
- (unseen young to OA descriptions to death) GameMill, Avanquest, Maximum Games, 2015.
Sadly no process. Just descriptions of size increase @00:30, AA decay to pseudo old age @01:30, etc.
- Deaths cutscenes, Game Over fails link - - (Tazz)

life extension (theoretical research)
- (male adult) - face article art only.

Touhou anime
- (AR poof, aftermath) short toon by Haruharu, 2022/10.
"Akachan Reimu ni higeki", Baby Reimu tragedy... Woman into baby link - - (Tazz)

SCP Foundation
- (age history retconning) - SCP-483 "Anti-Aging Placebos" - A pill that doesn't change your body, but alters reality to make all records and memories of you 1 year younger. Take more pills than your age, and you forget everything except for basics - Info toon link - - (Tazz)
- (young adults to old age) - SCP-723 "Aging Staircase" - Several local youths have disappeared. If you climb the spiral staircase in a ruined church, you rapidly get older and everything decays. Ascending subjects have not indicated any pain, discomfort, or alarm about their rapid transformation - Info toon link - - another link - (Jeff 2bya)
- (male adults FFed to death) - SCP-728 "The Forever Room" - Apparently a standard shipping container. When the doors are closed, the interior space experiences the flow of time faster than outside - Info toon link - - (Jeff 2bya)
- (adult age reduction & stasis) - SCP-776 "The Youth Cult" - The adult population of a remote town in Russia discovered a method to reverse biological aging. It requires sacrificing someone younger than the performer of the ritual, with children being preferred - Info link - - (Jeff 2bya, SCP Orientation videos)

age regression song
- ("AR" parody song) Rare but not unheard of. In Japan during the War, children turned around the meaning of school songs about wanting to grow up to be soldiers (boku wa gunjin daisuki yo) text - instead "growing down" into babies or less.

Spidey and His Amazing Friends
- (male chibi anthro AR AA) S2Ep5 "Li'l Hulk" 2022/09/30.
AKA "Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends", CGI series, Disney Junior. "Young versions" of the superheroes. Green Goblin uses his Baby Boomer ray gun rattle to turn anything into babies, enabling him to commit crimes. Team Spidey must find a way to thwart the heist and get Hulk back to his true age!
- Episode link @00:10 - - caps - (Tazz)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- (male FFed) Edward Elric "grows taller" by the end - caps

short toons
Plum the Super Witch
- (ARed AA) 2022. Witch girl into baby, Tony and Blast must babysit her... Chaos is coming! Tree into sapling, owl into egg, butterfly in cocoon, dragon into baby - Episode link @00:30 - - caps
- (AA size changes) Kids and dragon shrink, when they "grow" back a spider becomes human sized - Ep. link -
- Really just reshots of another episode with AR - link - - (Tazz)

head swaps
- (parents/kids face photo edits) - babied

Catch! Teenieping
- (AR AA poof) Ep35 "Do you wanna be a baby?" c2021.
Korean CGI toon series. Bebeping's magic! You hate babies? Then, why don't you become a baby yourself, bebe! If we don't move fast, she will turn everyone into babies!
- Episode link @03:10 - - caps - (Tazz)

Newton - om pubertet?
- (CoA pseudo "FF" graphics) NRK Skole - puberty stage caps

short toons
Avocado Couple
- (anthros age swap) "I'm baby but look Adult! Body Swap and Super Babysitter" c2022. What to do if parents turned into children, and you began to look like an adult? Ava and Cado swap places with their folks! - Ep link - - (Tazz)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: ibenz009
- (dedicated shoujo AP) - art

short toons
Teen World Stories
- (male demon teen AA poofed into kid) "Older Child vs Younger Child - Grey is Trapped in His Childish Form - Funny Situation at School" 2021. Related to Teen-Z and Wolfoo, no dialogue. When you have a spoiled younger brother, you get jealous easily! Do what?! Use a little magic to be a "baby" again! Gray tries to get the teacher's attention.
- Episode link @00:25 - - caps - (Tazz)

AP fan chart (trope description)
- (avoidance of TF depictions) c'20. New animes often promise to feature AP scenes, but they usually avoid showing the process - curse cycle

animated true stories
- (rejuv, AA OA) "The More I Sleep The Younger I Become" 2021/12.
Story Time Animated - link - - (Tazz)

fetish films
girl scout uniform tropes
- (unintentional UC glimpses) Porn videos sometimes feature woman scouts dressed in costumes that somewhat resemble real scouting uniforms. Occasionally these may appear a bit "too small", though every effort is made to avoid this. But it does happen, albeit very rarely. You could then almost pretend it looks like a slight "AP scene" aftermath - caps - '23 AI art outgrown

Pinocchio and Friends
- (mahou poof ARed AA) "Baby Fatina dispettosa!", Baby Fairy.
Italy-India CGI toons, 2021. Blue Fairy turns into a baby - link - - caps - (Tazz)

adult baby
- (adult role reversal, mental infantilization) - forced babying tropes

Dolly and Friends
- (furry AR) "Friends Turned into Toddlers - Babies are Playing" 2022/12.
CGI series, ToyStarMedia. Characters turned into baby animals - link - - (Tazz)

short toons
Bluey Animation
- (furry male OA) "Age Changing Cake!!!" c2022. Dailylife of Bluey, canine old age, fan vid - - (Tazz)

short comics
- (ARed OC) - oversized clothes art

- YouTube vids undersized clothing caps

fetish comics
Alone in a New World
- (dedicated TF BE, pregnant/lactation) #3 "Final Chapter" 2023/04. Evangelion fan comic, 18+ $10. Witchking00, Gunawanistiadi1278, Josukespimphand, ...
A clone of Misato retains the last memories of her original form - Purchase link - (Locofuria)

short comics
- (FF) years

Blue's Clues
- (paw silhouette shrunk) "The Pawprint Turns Into A Baby" c2000+? - Mixed animation link - - (Tazz)

- old outgrown clothes pics

Yoqotilgan vaqt
- (male AA OA APed, male AR age swap, RN) A story of lost time, Uzbekistan, 2013.
Every 70 years, the specter of time is allowed to rejuvenate himself. To do so, he must find a child on Earth who keeps wasting his time. He finds a boy to swap ages with in the playground. Now an old man, the boy discovers the shocking truth in the classroom. He has until Sunset to break the spell and become a boy again.
- Full movie link male swap @14:00, RN @57:00 - screencaps - (Dylan)

info request
Bojay Premium
- We received a request to purchase copies of the contents of the old service hosted on the AR Archive from 2006-2012. (Not part of Time Warp or anything on Dreamtales. I have the original Time Warp along with the modified version being sold on there still.) Heidegger stated it was probably possible to purchase this classic content, but I haven't been able to find the seller. I've tried asking around on the Discord channel and was able to get some but not all of it. These images include the stuff Bojay did for Adult Baby Source that was not part of Dreamtales. Does anyone know who to contact?
UPDATE: We have received an answer and explanation. The situation was very complex with multiple parties assisting or holding various legal rights or interests in different properties or content. Current best link at

fetish toons
Deviant Artist: Ms. Viral
- (dedicated AA TF icon AP) - Gallery link c2023.
AA TG shoujo to man - link
AA shoujo to milf - 54.6 MB link - gif
AA character TF age-up - 16.7 MB link - gif
AA TF BE buxomization - non-GIF to Wicke from Pokemon Sun and Moon (a top non-trainer character) - link
- (NightElf37)

Bungo Stray Dogs
- (AA AP to old age) The magic power "Gasp of the Soul" allows Blood Hound member Teruko Okura to manipulate the age of anyone she touches for interrogation and torture. Rapidly aging someone causes them to develop elderly illnesses and maladies until they're pulled back. This inflicts severe psychological damage before they can acclimate to the new sensations.
- S4Ep12 "Bungo Hound Dogs" 2023/03/22.
Teruko uses her ability to stop a drone attack, thereby aging her body.
- S4Ep13 "Skyfall" 2023/03/29.
Teruko used her ability to age into an old lady to escape from regular normal people chasing them.
- (Carlton)

Payshanbadan payshanbagacha
- (male AR OC, ARed, RN AA) Uzbekistan. c2014?
A new spell appears each day in a magic book, causing havoc in the life of four men.
@00:10:25 - TG: spell one transformed a man into a woman, keeping his voice.
@00:22:00 - Clothes/personality TF: spell two transforms second man into a fireman.
@00:34:00 - Male AR: spell three transforms 3rd man into little boy.
@01:03:00 - TG RN: spell 5 returns the male body to the first man.
@01:10:00 - Animal TFed: spell 6 transforms the fireman into dog.
@01:15:00 - RN: next spell AAs the little boy into an adult again. Then the dog becomes human again.
- Full movie link - screencaps - (Dylan)

Sailor Moon
Gekijouban Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal
- (CoA FF, demon old age) Two-part anime motion picture, Part Two, 2021.
Based on Dream Arc of the manga, continuation of Sailor Moon Crystal anime. The spirit of Sailor Saturn restores young Hotaru Tomoe's memories of her destiny. Previously such interventions accelerated her form. The costumed Super Sailors return to battle Queen Nehelenia, who is temporarily aged.
- Full movie link - FF screencaps - demon OA screencaps - (Adam)

fan characters
Deviant Artist: Precia-T
- (dedicated furry demon AA age forms) 2015/09 - Character info page link
BlackMN - magical fantasy entity character, commission for Blackmn. Adoptive daughter of Rosemary Mori and Veni, she can appear different ages according to her mood 1

Hasan ibn Husan
- (male AA TF APed, male AR TF OC) Uzbekistan, 2013.
Overnight age-up. A chemical was used to enlarge a chocolate, causing a boy to wake as an adult looking exactly like his father.
The father keeps searching for his son and also eats the chocolate, shrinking down into a boy looking exactly like his son.
- Full movie link AA AP @15:00 AR @53:00 - male AA APed screencaps - male AR OC screencaps - (Dylan)

- (adults FFed) - 2022 AI predictions: 26 celebs - (Bob)
- (AA FF couple, 0 to 80) - 2023. I asked an AI to paint our whole life together
- (AA FF) - 2023. Midjourney RunwayML - blue shirt girl's lifetime
- (face ages) - 2023. Disney's Face Re-Aging AI for movies.

Du wen
- (male TF AP CB scenes) "Poisonous Kiss", Chen Xingzhong, China 1992.
A son born from deceased chemical factory workers suffered from gigantism that caused him to grow during thunderstorms. He went from a baby to a toddler to a boy and finally a young man. Even more frightening is that his toxicity became ever deadlier. He picked up the girl's body and went up the mountain. In the end he was struck by lightning amidst a roar of despair, and disappeared without a trace... Actor: Yang Feiran.
- TF scene link - Story link - screencaps - (Ian Ricky Male TF)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Always Older
- (dedicated TG TF AP) - Main Gallery link c2023.
This content is intended for mature audiences.
A series of case reports by the TGAgency. Unruly boy clients are often TGAged into beautiful young women. This technology is also used to alter the memories and life realities of anyone involved for ease of adjustment. The procedure is invariably successful.
Link - TG AP and clothing rebuilding - Link - AA TG scene.
Link - TG AP clothes reformation       - Link - partial AA TG AP.
Link - TG AP clothes rebuilding         - (NightElf37)

Pokemon Journeys: The Series
- (AR) S23 Ep87-90.
Showdown At The Gates of Warp! - Previously posted content, new dubbed link - (Adam)

Yetmish yoshli bola
- (male AA TF APed, RNed) Uzbekistan, c2020?
A boy drinks a wish fulfilling juice and transforms into his 70 y.o. grandfather. He goes on adventures through the city.
At the end he wakes up and finds it was all only a dream!
- Full movie link male OA @19:00, RN @01:07:30 - screencaps - (Dylan)

- (adult aging) - When do you start losing your looks? article - (123anon987) - (adults FFed old) - before/after - (Kappa)
- (adults FFed old) - celebs then/now - (123anon987) - (adults FFed old) - centenarians then/now - (Kappa)
- (adult FFed) - Ellen Pompeo aging years - (Ark) - (old adults aged) - nudes - (123anon987)
- (future aging predictions) - Article written by 60 y.o. woman imagining Millennials in 2070.
  It's clear she thinks Millennials just means all "young people" and...
  She's resentful from bad experiences with tattooed 20-somethings at the gym - (Chronoeclipse)
- (adult aging sketch) - Old ladies hair explained. Article diagram with some good multi-stage OA FF depictions.
  Mmmhhmm I love how much life those ancient, long sagging hangers lost... - (Lunkpil, Saggydreams)

fan characters
Deviant Artist: Ms-Viral
- (dedicated AA TF twinning APs) 2023.
This one's a gift for Redfox02 - 26.3 MB link - gif
I claim this twinning for France, and the Unicorns. A gift for Operil - 59.5 MB link - gif
- (NightElf37)

Katta odam
- (AA adults/kids role swap) Uzbekistan, 2016.
A boy found a magical pen from an old man. He uses it to write his dream wish, to have all the adults and kids trading places. His wish comes true, and now the kids are in charge of everything!
Various classroom and office reversals, kids acting out adult jobs and adults acting immaturely.
- Full movie link @05:00 - screencaps - (Dylan)

Katta odam 2
- (AA adults/children role/body swaps) Uzbekistan, 2019.
The boy from the previous movie lost his younger brother who got kidnapped. He uses the pen again to change reality to help find him. Now his parents are behaving like children. His brother swapped bodies with his grandfather. All other adults including the kidnappers swap bodies with various children in the world, but continue their jobs even with child bodies. The boy assumes the role of his father in this new reality. I am a bit confused about what is actually going on.
- Full movie link @13:00 - screencaps - (Dylan)

- (male AA) - "Pretty Cure" boy henshin Henri into Cure Infini TF scene - (Akira)
- (dedicated AA AP) - manga heroine age paintings
- (dedicated male adult TF) - I want to suggest that movie makers create Body Horror Male-Pregnancy-Birth movies by copying the exact concepts from this video: (605 MB)
CGI fetish animation: In a ruined world, a man decides to drink a potion. First his belly swells as his shorts fade away. Skin stretches and ripples. His erection bulges up to truly monstrous dimensions. Finally he "gives birth" to another man who falls out the end! - (Eddie Winters)
- (dedicated AA TG AR, reality shift) - story

fetish comics
Deviant Artists: TF stories
- (dedicated age art with physical & social changes)
ARmatic - 2019/06 - Gallery link
AR OC - fetish boss regression scene link
Rami120 - 2020/01.
Mavis/Repunzel age swap - multi-page story start link
SOSakura - 2016/09.
AA age/reality shift stages - Terada regressing to Rika's level as her uniforms cycle up link
OcularRiftendo - 2018/07.
AA prom story, clothes "growth" age-up - Magic dance link

- years - years - years - years

Electric Piper, The
- (banned musical animated film, adults "OA'd", RN adult rejuvenation) Nickelodeon, 2003.
In the 1960s, a guitarist gets rid of the rats in the Hamlin suburb. When the mayor doesn't give him his reward, Sly takes his revenge by convincing the children to run away with him. In this version of the Pied Piper legend, the town of adults rapidly age after the kids have vanished. They were restored through the power of rock music. The cartoon hasn't been seen since Hendrix's lawyers shut it down.
- Full movie link - screencaps - (Kappa)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: kitsuPneuma
- (dedicated TF BE AP CB stages) 2022/11.
Notice: R-18 works cannot be displayed without an account to verify age.
- She has become a nice sexy lady link - alt - Gallery link - (NightElf37)

Captain Nova
- (ARed AA) Netherlands, 2021.
She travels back in time from the future to save the world from environmental disaster, but a side-effect turned her young again.
- Trailer link - - caps - (Jeff 2bya)

Dragon Ball GT
- (future older adult anthros, male AR) 1996-1997.
At the start of the series, Pilaf's wish caused Goku to become a kid again.
- Scene link - screencaps - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Rita's Lil' Adventure (continuation)
Little Rita's Little Adventure
- (dedicated AR) 2023/03. Borrowing the BTM concept from my Benji series, Rita follows a scientist who invented it, gets zapped, and ends up a REAL little girl! Of course, plenty of spanking follows - Purchase link - (DrWhoAR)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Elppa
- (dedicated 14 to 18 AP) - Teen to buxom adult link - 1 Girl's bedroom growth.
Teen to adult AA GTS link - 2 Short girl liked taller boy - Fanbox link - (NightElf37)

- (adult OA'd & rejuvenated glimpse) Nintendo Switch, 2023/03.
Fun clip where a pretty young woman was cursed into an old lady and the goal is to fix that. Experience history's greatest stories.
- Trailer link @01:15 - caps - (Kappa)

In From the Cold
- (TF TG, size increases, adult TG older age) Netflix, 2022 - FtM TG TF scene link
The first episode looks like a typical spy thriller, but in the final scene Jenny suddenly shapeshifts into a man! She is the only survivor from the top secret Yaroslav Program. A bio-augmentation lets her "body morph" to appear like other people. She has a complex past with various spy agencies.
Jenny has to strip before body morphing, or else use clothing that fits both forms.
Only Jenny/Anya's first shapeshifting scene is shown in its CGI glory, with the others occurring through cutaways. Most later scenes feature Jenny's skin glowing and the lights flickering before she drops out of shot. We cut to the reactions of the onlookers, Jenny's transforming shadow being cast on the wall, and then the completed transformation.
The morphing has a distinctive electronic buzzing sound, accompanied by loud cracks and crunches as her skeleton reshapes itself. It's not uncommon for Jenny to groan in agony, her voice audibly shifting to different pitches and registers. It can put incredible strain on her internal organs, and she can only copy a body whom she's already touched.
To make up for the iron lost from morphing, Jenny gorges on foods rich in it (largely meat). Jenny can heal from even severe injuries so long as she has energy.
In prison and elsewhere Jenny somehow morphed into older men much heftier than herself.
The colleague of a woman whom Jenny impersonated fails to notice she's now wearing a completely different outfit.
In other scenes she copies the palm print of a club owner by changing her hand into his. Jenny also alters her skin pattern to hide against the wall behind her.
In episode "Little Bird" Jenny morphs into Damien to take his place at the meeting after killing him. Then her powers begin glitching, forcing her to head to the bathroom where she painfully reverts. She must beat a hasty escape through the bathroom window.
In the final episode, Jenny's shapeshifting kicks into overdrive to save her teen daughter, who didn't know what she's capable of. She throws off snipers targeting her by transforming so quickly that none can work out what's happening. An extended tracking shot of her marching down the corridor reveals her transforming into everyone she's ever sampled over the course of her career, at a speed she's never been able to utilize until now. The ending indicates Jenny has actually been lying about the limitations of her powers.
Violent action girl Gaia is her Evil Counterpart.

Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e
- (demon APed, RN AR to teen) Ep3 c2020. Hentai anime series.
Welcome! To The Forest of Lewd Elves. A loli used her age changing ability to milk the hero dry to increase her magic and save the race. The elf's AP TF occurred offscreen, but there is brief AR RN process during sexual intercourse. Multiple orgasms are involved.
- Full episode link @10:30 - caps - (NightElf37)

- (overnight TG, teen male to female) - manga Ore ga watashi ni naru made (Until I become me).
  by Hatsuki Sato, c'23 - - (Akira)
- (AA TG TF, teen boy into costumed battle heroine) - anime Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure
  Ep9 "Wings of Courage, Fly Cure Wings!!" 2023/04/02 - Trailer link - (Akira)

- (AA poofs, preteens into preschoolers, no RN) "Toddler-fier" 2011.
We received requests for more screencaps from several anime episodes, including this one.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Adam)

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
Magical Girl Raising Project
- (dedicated TF BE AP) light novels by Asari Endou, Maruino. Takarajimasha, 2012.
The characters are canon, the sequence isn't.
- Transformation scene fan art link - 1 - (Mega Mega)

My Little Pony
- (dedicated ARt) c'22.
Non-human, but still AR - fan art Halloween filly
- Magic regression (fixed) by JennieOo, '23/02 - fan art link - (NightElf37)

short toons
- (FF AA lifetime vignettes) Mr Mooler, 2020.
A short CGI animation swinging through the years to the end - link - screencaps - (Rafael1907)

fetish comics
- (dedicated TFs, BE, GTS, AP) AKA Tie Show, c'20.
Many WG furry demon fetish transformations. No shoe damage is shown.
Sketch artworks of schoolgirls growing into VERY busty mini giantesses, and the resulting erotic tensions - link - link - 2 - 3
- (male forced mental infantilization) - Mechakure sisters "white dance" Duel Deck story.
Young women surround the purple-haired Osugaki-kun who lies defeated in a crib. The character is wearing a baby hat, diapers, and stockings. He is in a state about to cry from shame, with excitement he has never experienced before, and complete destruction of his ego. The opponent's older sister is happily recording the situation with her smartphone:
- Male ARt link - 1 - (NightElf37)

Jiisan Baasan Wakagaeru
- (adult couple overnight rejuvenation) - "A Story About a Grandpa and Grandma Who Returned Back to Their Youth".
Comedy Fantasy Romance Seinen by Araido Kagiri, 2020. About an old couple turned young adults again - link - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Razorcal122
- (dedicated AA FF TF) c'23. This user does plenty of FF/AP TG, and AR/TG arts too.
Promoting Growth pills link - becoming an adult Catgirl BE WG Novel AI - 1
Breast expansion rapid growth laundry menace AI - FF
I moved from Andrewjap4 due to forgetting the password. Old profile link - New profile link
- (NightElf37)

Onegai My Melody Sukkiri
- (teen "old age"-like degeneration stages & RN) Ep05 "Refreshed by a poem!?" 2007.
The girl who "ages" here is called Miki. It happens that when she lost her poetry book she lost that part of her soul, figuratively and literally. Little by little she becomes an "old woman". Her friends, in addition to defeating the monster on duty, also have to retrieve Miki's book before it's too late... This is the best aging i have seen in anime tbh.
- Full episode link - screencaps - (Rafael1907)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Mporci
- (dedicated demon TF) "TG AP into a succubus commission" sequence (censored) 2020/07.
Transformation link - 1 - - (NightElf37)

Good Luck Charlie
- (FFed to "old age" WG) S1Ep10 "Take Mel Out to the Ball Game" 2010/06/13.
It's towards the end. Not very realistic but I loved how the actor who plays the grandpa was Shawn's dad in Boy meets World, and how the actor who plays the dad was the gay Bear in American Wedding (I think he might've been the first guy I crushed on). And I love Bridgit Mendler's singing voice and her fat ass in this.
Teddy realizes she has a great-uncle named Mel, who convinces Teddy to sneak him out the nursing home to a baseball game. She learns Uncle Mel loves baseball a little too much when he causes a ruckus, moons the team on the Jumbotron, and the police get involved. A photographer offers to pay $100 to use Charlie as a baby model behind Amy's back.
40 years later, 56 y.o. adult PJ and 55 y.o. Teddy visit their parents in a retirement home. PJ is very fat, has a big beard, and is working for Bob's Bugs Be Gone. Teddy has glasses, short hair, yoga pants, a pink shirt, huge hips and a giant butt. Her hips are so big she got stuck between furniture. Her now old mom teaching a workout class points to Teddy's hips and says, "That's what happens when you don't do the squats". All the old people jump up and do the squats. Teddy tries to sit down but can't because of her butt and gives up.
- (FFed to older) S4Ep9 "Futuredrama" 2013/07/28.
In the future Charlie looks for advice from Teddy's video diaries. Teddy tells Charlie that young Gabe liked being tickled, only for Charlie to end up with a broken nose. She learns she should always finish watching Teddy's videos before trying anything. Ava Sambora as Future Charlie, Stone Eisenmann as Future Toby.
- (Hideyoshi lacan)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: StrangerAtaru
- (dedicated TF FF BE, AA teen to full-blown woman) "Julie's a Growing Girl - SpeedyHimura", 2014.
Transformation link - 1 - (NightElf37)

Askeladden i Soria Moria slott
- (male age stasis to extreme OA) - The Ash Lad: In Search of the Golden Castle - Norway, 2019.
Someone poisoned the King and Queen. Younger brother and Princess Kristin go on a quest to find Soria Moria Castle, made of pure gold with a well containing the Water of Life. It will cure injuries and keep you alive for almost two centuries. There might be initial rejuvenating effects too? Made me laugh out loud when they kept looking for the father of the house. No he's over there, nope not me he's over there, 6 older guys later.... He's on the wall lol. Imagine if it was both female and male characters.
- Full movie link @43:24 - screencaps - (Keith943)

fetish toons
TF artist: Mikoko Miyazawa
- (dedicated TG AR poof) 2021. Gif link Follow him if you support TG AR - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Angel
- (dedicated TG mechanization AP) 2020.
Sex change TS shota - link - 1 - Gallery link - (NightElf37)

La abuela
- (dream young adult to OA) - The Grandmother - Paco Plaza, Spanish-French horror 2021.
A supermodel leaves Paris to help her grandmother in Madrid. In the middle of each video they describe a dream of the protagonist Susana, in which she wakes and goes to see to her grandmother (who is invalid) and starts to age (aging face, wrinkled hands, graying hair, and unfortunately lost teeth with a lot of blood) before waking from said dream. If you're able to find the entire clip I'd appreciate it, even the bloody teeth part.
- Spoilers link - link - caps - (Fan2000)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Smodzz998
- (dedicated TF AP process, BE, AA shoes) Comission work for Isaac, 2022.
Teen fetish maiden into full-blown woman - link - 1 - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Inaka no Niwaka no haniwa
- (dedicated TG TF BE AP) c2022.
link - 1 - Gallery link
link - link - link - 2 - (NightElf37)

short films
- (adult rejuvenation effect) 2023, NSFW stylistic body-horror.
Really strange arthouse film starring the gorgeous Barbara Palvin, about a mysterious cult attempting to create a snake-human hybrid. She spent most of the film in convincing middle-aged make up, before becoming rejuvenated at the end. Amazing to see such a beautiful woman so convincingly aged, but a shame they didn't age her body - she still has supermodel curves, but with crow's feet etc.
- Video link - screencaps - (Ark)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Ritsutama
- (dedicated AA TF lineups) Icon FF stages, c2021.
Commission by Garciarael about Llenn using "Mirror" item from original "Sword Art Online" Ep1 to turn into real life form - link
Furry AA upgrade. Schneider found a box and was curious what's inside - link
AA cowgirl upgrade. Guns are not for kids, make them grow up first - link - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: tefnen
- (dedicated TF) - TG BE AP link - Fanbox link - (NightElf37)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
- (dedicated fan art, TG WG BE maturation) by Deviant Artist: FailedProject9, 2022/09.
"Mature Snack" AA fan service of Boruto Uzumaki - Woman Up link - link - link - link - link - Alt: erotic Fan Art I hope her thoughts don't get lost in heated "whining" Horny! I'd like to do a couple more things with Boruto but I'm not quite sure what yet.... Just... Poor thing haha.

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Artistic Skelly
- (dedicated furry AA icons lineup) "Riana's evolve" Teen to full-blown woman cat, 2022/08 - link - 1 - (NightElf37)

South Park
- (dedicated fan art, BE "buxomization" AP) by Thegxjudgement, 2022/09.
Wendy had a rough day. While trying to think of something else to do, she'd imagine lady whores with big breast and hips. When she slept a shooting star came in, and like "screw it". Add some magical powers to suddenly grow up into an adult. I wonder how that ended up... - Fan Art link - 1

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Morbin
- (dedicated AA TG BE furry TFs with age changes) c2022. I make Novel AI TSF/TG, Gal AP art sequences because there aren't enough out there. Many young boys into buxom vixens - Artist link

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life
- (FF lifetime game) - Bokujou Monogatari 2023.
Remake of "Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life" (2004). You are a young male starting with an empty field. Your farming life continues for 30 years as you marry, have a child, grow old and die, with your son choosing a different career based on how you raised him. I wish I had aging captures of the girls. Put down roots in Forgotten Valley, and tell your own generation-spanning tale - Trailer link - screencaps - (Kappa, Rafael1907)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: MentalCrash
- (dedicated AA AP poof) "Summer Growth Spurt" 2020. Mahou Princess upgrade link

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: ThatFreakGivz
- (dedicated AA TF upgrade) '21/03. A patreon request by Dracoknight545. Disney's Princess Melody into Vanessa link - LinkTree link - (NightElf37)

- (dedicated fan art TF BE AP) "The Age Storm Rises", by Deviant Artist: TheGxJudgement, 2022/04.
Commission from rubberman1 The female superhero is flying around checking unexpected weather in the sky. Suddenly, a thunderstrike causes an unexpected Age Growth. Will her clothes survive? The uncensored version will be at my Patreon and Furaffinity.
NOTE: In the actual continuity of "A Little Bigger WordGirl" it was shown her costume from the planet Lexicon could stretch with her body without tearing. However in that episode she only grew somewhat taller, and her breasts did not yet develop - Censored Fan Art link - 1

- (dedicated fan art, AA TF AP) "A better relationship" by Deviant Artist: ThatFreakGivz, 2022/08.
Buxom teen to super-buxom full woman. Tiffany transforms into her mother Jessie . Patreon reward for Jake-The-Sap fan art link - 1

- (dedicated TF AP fan art) TF Artist: ThatFreakGivz, "Bonnie Transforms into Elesa" fetish toon, 2022 - Fan video link
- (dedicated AA fan art, TF to buxom GTS) "Pokegirl TF Ice Stone", by Deviant Artist TheGxJudgement, 2022/05. Lil girl Samantha found magical stone to evolve ice type Pokemon - Fan Art link - (NightElf37)

music videos
Kid Lario, The
- (young adults FFed to old) The Kid LARIO "I Guess It's Love?" 2023.
This got my attention with its thumbnail. He and real-life girlfriend Katarina Deme do Instagram reels "over the years". Katarina is in old age make-up at the end, but I can't tell if she goes through a "mid-life" crisis with huge implants and questionable plastic surgery, or that is a young woman who LARIO dates during his mid-life crisis (former).
- Music Video link - outtakes link - (Fan2000)

fetish toons
TF artist: Nebaru6
- (dedicated mahou TFs) 2023 - Creator link - CGI toon TF, nude shoujo BE, average breasted teen to buxom full woman link - shoujo closeup gif wmv link - heroine shoujo CGI TF link - nude twirl-up in magical space link Like and Follow - (NightElf37)

Kimama ni UpDown
- (dedicated fan art TFs, AP scenes) Pixiv artist: Amano Shou, 2022.
- Fan Art link - link - link - 1

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Secret
- (dedicated AA TG TF BE APed) 2023.
Transforming into a female, TSF39 TG AI sequence on bed with full buxomization - 32 pics link - 1
- Gallery link - It cuts out before NSFW, continue: paid Fanbox link - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
TF artist: MaFaVaM
- (dedicated TFs) MaF8R, Dosukebe Artist - nude BE CGI teen to amazon Sex link - Fantia link - Patreon link - (NightElf37)

Fancy Lala
- (dedicated AA AP) Pixiv artist: Ingma, 2019. A Korean Fancy Lala fancomic inspired by Ep23 - Nudity alert: eroge link - 1

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: B1111199
- (dedicated AA TF AP scene) "Same Name TF" - Lana (Pokemon) into Lana (Hyrule Warriors), 2022/08 crossover - link - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Amano Shou
- (dedicated TF BE AP) 2023. Nude TF link - 1
Cream Lemon fairy godfox traced art pics link - Gallery link - (NightElf37)

short toons
- (AA fast forwards) Earth Day Doodle, 2021/04/22.
Video doodle highlighting how everyone can plant the seed to a brighter future one sapling at a time. A young girl plants a seed that grows into a tree while she AAs into an adult. The woman passes on a sapling to a boy, who continues the AA cycle with more generations of folks AAing, until the whole landscape is dotted with big, beautiful trees - Video link

fetish toons
Pixiv artist: S. Mitsuhiro (Tsui rogu)
- (dedicated TF TG AP) 2022. Sorahana transforms into a beautiful idol with big breasts - link furry AA teen heroine upgrade to full catwoman, battle mode - Bunny TF link - Gallery link - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Chabatake Vae
- (dedicated AA TG upgrade) 2021. TSF conversion China dress twintail link - 1 - (NightElf37)

fetish toons
TF artist: Koko kashiko
- (AA TF BE AP) 2022. Heroine jump AP clip link like & follow - (NightElf37)

Jungle de Ikou
- (dedicated AA TF BE AP CGAI lineup) A.I. AP/RC "Natsumi to Mii" by Deviant Artist Tehninjabunneh, 2023/02.
The show didn't have an AP Process, so this artist made one: Fan Art link - 1

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Tefnen
- (dedicated TF BE AP) "Yogurt AP BE", 2021/04. A dose of lactose makes her breasts and body grow rapidly - link - 1 - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Novi
- (dedicated TF AA BE AP) "Green Lighting Growth", 2021/07 - link - 1 - Gallery link BE link - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Davteg
- (dedicated TG TF AP CBed) "Stepford Milk colored", 2021/07.
A new product hit the market: a milk powder that will ensure rapid growth in children to make proper ladies out of them, ready for an adult life of housework, fashion, and childcare... Sure the 50s were strange times!
- TG AP link - 1 - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Polvo
- (dedicated AA line of age) "Rapid growth" of girl to woman, 2022/10 - AI link - 1 This time it's not TSF, but I like the change in clothes - (NightElf37)

- years - years - years - years

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AP text fragments 172 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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